Big Bold Beautiful Prints – the challenge

There are those fabrics in all of our stashes that fall into the big, bold or beautiful prints category. You either can’t find the right project for them or are too attached to cut them up. I have a number of fabrics that I lovingly take in and out of the cupboard, fondle and then return to their home.

Debbie of Dotty Dolly has set me the challenge of coming up with a quilt pattern to showcase prints in this category, to make the print the star of the show.

The challenge fabric is Orient by Free Spirit. It has an incredible 18 colours on the selvedge registration. It’s a big bold and beautiful print with great tones that give it a satisfying saturated magnificence! The mint green in combination with the pinks is particularly heartwarming. The circles provide a simple reference to use for a quilting pattern.

I looked through my own stash and found two lovely French General prints that I long to use to create a fabric-showcasing quilt.

So the challenge is on! I look forward to posting soon and sharing my progress.


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